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5 mobile app trends to impact 2017

28 Aug , 2017,


2016 was definitely a successful year for mobile. And as it seems, the importance of mobile devices is ever increasing and is not slowing down. Mobile has increasingly become an important part of our daily life and even an amateur marketer can state its importance for your business. Clearly, mobile has become an important aspect Read More


Digital Disruption

21 Mar , 2017,


As we are gradually moving towards 2017, Hand held devices are getting so common that, even a 5 year old kid can browse through internet using it. And as the use of mobile devices are increasing day by day, we can already feel the change it has brought in the business community over the years. Read More


How to find best App Developer in Australia

3 Apr , 2016,


Almost every entrepreneur has been in this dilemma: You have an idea for an App but don’t know how to find the right person or company to do it. The problem with App Developers Almost all App developers fail to recognise entrepreneurs in a discovery mode when they ask about goals for projects, commercialisation aspects Read More


How to become a high paid speaker

6 Mar , 2016,


Whether you are looking to drive opportunities or drive fees in your consulting business KWIK APP helps you to promote and sell your expertise.


Your Portable Business Marketer – KWIK APP

6 Feb , 2016,


Are you tired of spending money in your promotions CD’s? Struggling to deliver your newsletters, eBooks, audios and videos to your prospect or clients? Looking to Reach more customers and increase exposure. Here’s the outcome we expect through App. Grow Your Business Reach more customers and increase exposure through push notifications. Build Residual Income Build Read More


7 Best Personal Productivity Tools In A Digital Age For 2016

30 Dec , 2015,


In today’s time and age, everybody is so busy trying to get things done, that they forget how to get organized. It seems as though people have actually forgotten to stop to take a look at their methods of working. They just continue without really thinking things over. People make lists all of the time Read More


How To Become a High Paid Consultant

10 Oct , 2015,


Believe it or not we are all consumers. Imagine when we step into a supermarket, the shelves are full  of many products which you as a customer needs to  evaluate and then decide which one you will purchase. Everything in the supermarket is “New and improved” or “Special”. And how do you make your service Read More